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Education International  – We are education consultants and representatives. Advising students through personalized career guidance, helping students  find their ideal overseas study program. We offer a vast range of programs from High schools, preparatory schools, language schools, undergraduate, graduate and master university programs and internships.

Our institutions are all accredited schools and universities. Depending on their location they are accredited by their corresponding agencies.

Each educational institution offers quality learning opportunities.  The advantages of a quality education are endless and lead to quality opportunites in the international job market.

We offer a wide variety of university programs. Many are based on the Liberal Arts system while others are  universities for student to specialize in various fields such as business and economy


Internationalize yourself    

Drew University    Fontys    John Cabot uat

Imperial College      London School of Business & Finance   logo(1)(1)

ST-ALBANS-COLLEGE-LONDON      University of Mary Washington    logo_eu

Hult Business School      Richmond University       images

         Holmes Institute Graduate School of London

uclan cyprus                      eu

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